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We exist to enrich peoples lives through knowledge in everything we do. Whether its guiding a marketing manager on how to implement a better internal approach to digital strategy, or improving the onsite experience of a site so that prospective customers can find the information they are looking for easier, we are here. This is our purpose and what drives us everyday.

  • 14Countries
  • 36Marketers
  • 618min sales

The Agency

Driving traffic and sales since 2009, POLARIS is a leading marketing consultancy and advisory with a global team of marketing experts that are passionate about delivering campaigns for client partners that demand success.

Through our e-commerce SEO and B2B SEO agency solutions, we specialise in driving targeted traffic that converts, working with client partners to achieve their business goals as if they were our own.

Our team are passionate about user experience, online behaviour and technology. We have experience in partnering with global organisations that require SEO consultancy, strategy and training, and UK based SME’s that need a strong partner to drive leads and sales through SEO campaigns and initiatives.

Our service levels are underpinned by our data-led ethos of understanding user behaviour and demand.

  • 2400%Average RoI of a client
  • 400+Campaigns delivered in over 14 years

Our Technology

With 15 years of experience and heritage, our business is supported by a technology backbone that offers clients continuity, efficiency and digital advancement.

  • Zoho Business Management Platform
  • Bright metrics
  • Pinpoint
  • Sphere
  • Kartessien Index

Centralised People and Project Management Solution

Our operations and delivery sits upon the leading enterprise level software platform Zoho. With significant customisation we now utilise the business platform to manage over 150 projects at any one time, worldwide.

The platform allows clients access to see exactly what activity is planned, how resource is being allocated and how close we are to achieving our milestones together.

Proprietary SEO Reporting Platform

Our proprietary reporting platform for client partners. Our platform has been designed to be your single source of truth when it comes to digital performance. Built upon a number of APIs bright metrics pulls third party data together to give marketers a clear understanding of how much ROI is being achieved through investing in POLARIS.

Keyword and Topic Research Tool

Pinpoint is our proprietary targeting tool which collates data from 4 sources to assist team members in determining the right targeting strategies for your campaigns.

Using a combination of keyword data, search data, and customer intent analysis, pinpoint provides a high level of intelligence that can be considered when planning a campaign strategy.

Site Evaluation Tool for Site Migration Projects

Navigating site launches are considerably challenging. At POLARIS, we utilise technology to provide an unfounded level of confidence when it comes to mitigating migration risk.

Sphere is a site migration crawler technology that grades the complexities of a migration and measures risk analysis accordingly.

With Sphere, risk of traffic loss through migration is reduced by at least 43%.

SEO Competitive Analysis Indexing Tool

AI based SEO analysis tool. To drive our SEO campaigns, we have a proprietary indexing tool that compares a clients performance against its key competitors to grade SEO performance across 5 key areas.

Our Values

We exist to guide people's journeys and enrich their experience so that they can grow and achieve the satisfaction they desire, online.


We care enough personally to challenge professionally.

Growth Through

When we are challenged, we must focus and see things through to the other side. Only then we grow.

Make It

Wake up everyday with a goal in mind, so that we make it count.

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