PA & Operations Manager

Demi Squires

Year of Experience: 9

About Demi 


Demi joined POLARIS in April 2021 and is the PA and Operations Manager, contributing significantly to the company’s success. With over nine years of experience as a PA in various industries, Demi brings a wealth of expertise and a keen eye for detail to her role. Highly organised and attentive, she excels in implementing new methods and processes to effectively project manage the company growth.


Prior to joining POLARIS, Demi’s notable career includes a stint at the American Embassy, where her outstanding dedication and performance during a period of extreme workload led to her receiving the prestigious Eagle award from the Ambassador. At POLARIS, Demi thrives on having ownership over aspects of the agency business that directly impact its direction and performance. Her passion for her work and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to the team.


What Demi Cares About

  • Employee wellbeing: Supporting team members and creating a safe space to speak freely.
  • Company growth and development: Working with the MD to implement new systems and solutions to improve operational efficiency.
  • Family: Becoming a new parent and spending time with her son.


What Demi’s Interests Are

  • Interest in theatre and acting – Demi has undertaken courses in acting and theatre training previously.
  • Holidays – experiencing new countries and cultures.
  • House design