Business Coordinator

Emily North

Years of Experience: 6

About Emily 


Emily is a Business Coordinator here at POLARIS, primarily working across all things sales and marketing. She is dedicated to nurturing connections with clients and partners, building relationships, and enhancing our own online presence.


As a passionate marketer, Emily is committed to contributing to the ongoing growth of POLARIS and is constantly exploring innovative ways to stay current and thrive within the ever-evolving digital world.


What Emily Cares About 

  • Business Growth: Implementing successful marketing campaigns, refining sales strategies, and consistently identifying opportunities for expansion.
  • Communication: Clear and efficient communication, whether it is discussing sales targets, marketing strategies or collaborating internally.
  • Travelling: Having the opportunity to travel and explore as many countries as possible because the most beautiful things are memories and moments.


What Emily’s Interests Are: 

  • Cooking and Baking
  • Regular Exercise: Boxing, Gym, Pilates
  • A good large glass (or bottle) of wine