Senior SEO Strategist

Nymur Rahman

Years of Experience: 5

About Nymur

Nymur is a Technical SEO Strategist here at POLARIS and has been doing SEO for 5 years. He has been a continuous learner of SEO and adopting different skills. As a technical SEO, he has great eyes for detecting issues. In parallel, he helps shape up projects with multiple strategic approaches.


What Nymur Cares About

  • Working on the items that bring the most value and minimise the project cost.
  • Keeping things organised for better efficiency and keeping up the consistent productivity.
  • When it comes to SEO assistance, feel free to ask Nymur any questions you have, and you will receive a response beyond the typical “it depends.”


What Nymur’s Interests Are:

  • Apart from link building, Nymur currently enjoys being involved in all aspects of SEO. Technical SEO is his favourite, but he also likes analysing content and discovering new keywords.
  • Nymur loves football and spends a lot of time playing and watching the sport.