SEO Strategist

Sam Marlow

Years of Experience: 2

About Sam


As an SEO Strategist at POLARIS, Sam works on a diverse array of SEO work across many of our accounts. With two years of prior in-house SEO and digital marketing experience, Sam is eager to grow his skills and develop a truly comprehensive SEO understanding that covers all on-page, off-page and technical aspects – while deepening his understanding of marketing to help empower brands through search.


What Sam Cares About 

  • The Structure Behind Sites: fully understanding the invisible architecture behind websites and the technical aspects that make them tick.
  • Content Evolution: moving away from old trends to create quality, trustworthy content that understands users’ problems and meets their needs.
  • The Future of SEO: taking a positive mindset to the introduction of AI and embracing adaptation to get ahead of the competition.


What Sam’s Interests Are: 

  • Getting outdoors: whether it’s hiking, camping or a quick swim, Sam loves to spend time in nature both home and abroad.
  • Picking up the pen: Sam enjoys writing fiction and would like to one day publish his own novel.
  • Cooking: a big fan of a home-cooked meal, Sam enjoys cooking and pushing his own boundaries in cooking different dishes and cuisines.