£250,000 burger grown in test tube


Very delicious hamburger foodWe all love a good burger, from fast food burgers to gourmet burgers. But a £250,000 burger seems a bit ridiculous.

This £250,000 burger will be demonstrated and tasted sometime this week. So why is it so expensive? The answer, because it's a 'test tube beef burger', that's right this burger comes from a test tube. For the past two years Professor Mark Post has been growing this very expensive burger, from a stem cell of a slaughtered cow.. nice. Scientists say the stem cells from one animal could generate a million times more meat than the actual animal itself.

Although it may sound like a whacky experiment this wasn't done just for fun. It is believed it will help the environment and our agricultural capacity. Post hopes artificial meat will be sold in supermarkets in years to come.

‘Eventually, my vision is that you have a limited herd of donor animals which you keep in stock in the world'. 'You basically kill animals and take all the stem cells from them, so you would still need animals for this technology' - Professor Mark post.

Obviously artificial meat would need regulatory approval, but it looks very possible that we could all be eating meat grown in test tubes in the not too distant future!

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