EU referendum search habits

With the EU referendum fast approaching, the search habits for the vote seem to imply uncertainty of what’s to come.

Searchers aged 55+ are searching five times more for “referendum explained” and 18-25 year old's are searching for the latest opinions nine times more than the older generation.

A data analysis which took place in May suggests that men spend more time searching for facts, using phrases such as “question” and “odds”. In fact, the search for these phrases take place 100% more by men than women.

The below figure shows the top keywords used when conducting a EU referendum or Brexit search in Google.

[Figure 1]

The top ranking sites for the search term ‘EU referendum’ are

However, a lot of 18-25 year olds are conducting their searches on Wikipedia.

This Google tool gives an interactive world map view that shows what people are searching about in terms of the EU referendum, and in particular, Brexit across all EU countries. Somewhat surprisingly many of the top five searches include ‘What is Brexit’, including the UK.

figure 1:

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