Five Twitter Rules Brands Can Swear By

Twitter has incredible potential to help brands drive brand awareness, engage with customers and ultimately drive sales. However, with all this potential it’s easy to get carried away, we have listed some serious ‘don’ts’ below:

  1. Don’t post too much!

No matter how interesting your ideas are or how great your product is, no one wants to hear about it more than once every half an hour. It’s too much. Try to limit your tweets to 3-5 a day and always consider engagement rates to ensure your tweets are getting the utmost attention.

** Sometimes it may be ok to post more than this, for example if you are at an event and live tweeting in order to drive conversation, this rule can be overlooked. Similarly, if there is a trend on twitter that fits in well with your brand identity then you may want to join in. Don’t underestimate the power of a trending hashtag!

  1. Don’t be offensive

It may be tempting to voice your opinion on political and or religious matters, but doing so could end up with a backlash from followers with a difference in opinion.

Equally, stay mindful of what is going on in the news, it can be deemed very insensitive when a brand (or anyone) claims it’s a ‘happy Friday’ when a disaster has struck somewhere in the world.

  1. Don’t ignore your followers

It’s a golden rule to always respond to queries and comments from customers on social media. Not only can it create a friendly, helpful brand identity it also allows the customers to feel heard and understood.

Sometimes customers take to social media to publicly voice a complaint. No matter how rude the comment, or how annoyed your customer may be at your product and or service, ensure you reply. A fast and friendly response to a negative comment can do wonders for both rectifying the issue and showcasing your brand as caring and trustworthy.

  1. Be interesting

Think to yourself ‘is this interesting’ before posting anything. In most cases, it’s better to only post twice a day with interesting and or entertaining posts than post three times, two of those being mundane and uninteresting tweets. Boring = unfollows.

Engage with twitter trends where it works with your brand, and ensure your posts have a purpose. If all you want to do is wish your customers a ‘Merry Christmas’ try adding a picture that somehow incorporates your product.

  1. Stay true to your brand identity

You must showcase your brand. Social media is a huge platform with considerable potential for brands to thrive and advertise to their customers. When customers follow you, they already understand you as a brand, and are most likely already purchasing your products or are very likely to in the near future. There’s no point making jokes and retweeting puns if you are trying to establish yourself as a very serious and corporate brand, your followers don’t expect this from you.

Likewise, if you are trying to position yourself within your industry as fun and quirky, ensure all your tweets have an element of fun! You can do this by simply adding an emoji to the end of you post or joining in with trends such as #ukpunday


POLARIS offer social media management, as well as digital PR and outreach services. For more information don't hesitate to get in touch! Happy tweeting!

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