Fotor - Photo Collage App


Instagram soared to 200 million followers this April, and with a predicted 20 billion photos shared to date, it is fast becoming one of the most widely used social networks.
If you are one of the 75 million active daily users sharing up to 60 million photos a day, you’ll want to know about Fotor. You’ve probably seen those perfectly arranged collages photos in news your feed. Well, if you download the Fotor app you too can join the epic collage makers of the digital world!
Fotor gives users the capacity to create a collage from photos in the image library on a phone or desktop. You simply choose the amount of photos you want in your collage (2 – 9), you choose the arrangement style of your collage, you then select the images you want to include and finally you can edit the arrangement, zoom and position of the photos inside of the collage captions.
Check out the images below to see how it's done.
Fotor is free and your creations can be instantly shared to all social medias. Your Instagram photos will never be the same again - check out Fotor here:

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