Google Market Share Down for October


Hitwise's latest market share statistics show Google are still dominant with over 90% market share of all searches within the U.K. October saw Google scrape just over 90% (90.02% to be exact), down from September's figure of 91.34%.


There is no need to worry, as this is obviously still the controlling share within the U.K, clearly demonstrating why Google is the first engine that springs to mind when thinking about internet marketing and how to get business from the space. The most suprising figures released in Hitwise's report was that of Microsoft's, whose Bing powered portfolio saw the biggest increase yet of 0.22%, taking their market share to 3.85%.


Google Market Share


“The bing search engine has made a comeback this month after two months of declining search share,” said James Murray, Marketing Research Analyst at Experian Hitwise. “


As we get closer to Christmas search activity is going to go into overdrive, so this is a good time for Microsoft to be re-establishing itself in the search market. If bing can cross the 4 per cent milestone by Christmas, Microsoft will have made some significant gains this year. Google remains as dominant as ever though and eating into that massive market share is going to be tough.”

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