Google Penguin Refresh Is Still Months Away

Google just announced it is still working to make Penguin run in real time, and its update will not happen for another few months. With this news, the search giant reinforces the idea that Penguin still runs slowly, but is anticipated to run faster in the next few months.

As we previously announced, the process for Penguin's update is ongoing, as Google continuously refreshes its link data.

Among Penguin's effects, website owners can expect the following:

  • Spike in SERPS for Penguin-ready sites
  • Penalty for spam-labeled sites
  • Attention on low-quality content
  • Strict content guidelines for better user experience
  • Full crawl compliance for Google bots

If a real-time run of the Penguin algorithm is Google's big project, how long will it be until webmasters can witness it?

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