Google Updates: Rollback of 'Medic' and a Core Change

Data from 9th October 2018 suggests Google is rolling back some or all of its 'Medic' update from September. This coincides with a now confirmed core update.

Medic rolled out across August and September and targeted high information based search (such as medical - hence the name). In some cases visibility changes were at 45% for the positive and negative.

However, it seems Google isn't completely happy with the update and is scaling some changes back, or even potentially removing them altogether.

This isn't the first time Google has tested an update and dropped it weeks later. Earlier in 2018 the search engine released updates for longer meta data but subsequently rolled it back after SEO agencies and professionals had updated websites to meet guidelines.

Further, confirmation from Google that surprise a core update has taken place came on the same day.

As is standard Google is being vague about the changes in this, but as an agency we will be updating further as we know more.

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