Google's new search feature

Google has introduced a new search feature that you may or may not have noticed! The search giant has implemented a new feature to allow a user to view the answer to their question, without fully searching it...

Users will no longer have to actually complete a search when they need a one or two word answer, such as author names and artist names. How does this work? Google will guess your question based on popular searches (nothing new here) and then put the answer you’re looking for under the first option.

Of course the other options appear too, so if you’re in need for more information you can go ahead and complete your search as normal. It’s a small change, but a large difference for the everyday user who need an answer then and there.

As micro moments and tech reliance continue to grow among all generations, the easier to use these tools become, the better. This new feature doesn't answer everything:

no matter how specific you are!

So poses little threat to trivia quiz enthusiasts, or website owners. I recently invested in a Google Pixel, and sure enough it works on mobile too. It isn't exactly a revolutionary, life changing feature but it sure is handy for the sudden and frustrating "WHAT IS THEIR NAME??" questions!


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