How to Build Penguin Friendly Links

We get asked about the types of backlinks we build and how we go about ensuring we stay in line with Google's policies.

When Penguin hit at the end of April, a number of sites lost rankings based on a large percentage of their backlinks containing similar (or identical) anchor text links linking through to their landing pages.

To ensure that our client sites comply with penguin rules, we follow a strict set of criteria when building links. The most crucial is probably the fact that we now have complete control over link building as we conduct the entire process in house, meaning we can analyse as deep as we want into a site before trying to work with them on behalf of a client.

Another key requirement is that we will not get backlinks that have lots of advertising on their site. This includes the home page and banner advertising that's excessive (all that we notice) across landing pages.

By keeping to these measures of control and also keeping updated with Googles policies, we build search engine friendly links which do have a positive impact on a clients spend.

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