How to use Content Marketing to grow your business

What is Content Marketing?

As a B2B SEO agency, we understand the frustrations that build when you realise your losing exposure in your established field. We have also recognised that as a business, it is crucial to take into consideration how you are ensuring that your visibility remains prominent in a mist of competitors. Taking a step back can prove to be beneficial when seeking a new way to elevate your marketing approach. This is where Content marketing comes into play, improving not only your visibility in your respected field, but also your authority.

Content Marketing at its core, is the creation and curation of sharing information related to your business. This is predominantly seen as valuable and informative to your clientele, allowing you to distinguish authority in the field. There is however, a huge difference between both content marketing and traditional marketing. Content marketing is used as a way to indirectly stimulate interest in your business, brand or services/products. Whereas, the traditional methods of marketing lean towards use of ads, via either television or newspapers. We can all appreciate as both clientele and business owners that ad blindness is now a common issue. With ads on loop throughout the years, it's clear we have developed a natural instinct to simply mute, move and skip!

What are the different types of Content Marketing?

There are a variety of Content Marketing methods that would be great for growing your business. But before you jump onto content marketing, it is important to consider what you will be promoting. It may seem obvious but, it is common to struggle with thinking of content ideas! There are a great amount of tools now available, which can help formulate some ideas for your content marketing plan, including my personal favourite - SEMRush's topic research tool!

The downfall for many businesses, is a bad plan. The best way to avoid this is to have a brainstorm around what exactly your niche is. What makes you stand out against your competitors? Once you've jotted down your plans, expand on what platforms best fit your ideas. The following are just a few of the common types of content marketing methods.


Blogs are the ultimate way to not only benefit your growth, but encourage your audience to engage with your business. Highly recommended to use for any business, a blog truly has some fantastic benefits. From driving traffic, to improving your SEO ranking, a blog really is the best way forward. Not only can you use this method to establish authority, but you can add value back into exactly WHY your target audience are interested in your business.

Social Media

I can't stress enough how important it is to utilise your social media platforms! With majority of the world transitioning to an online environment, a digital transformation to the way you market your business can do a mount of good. Whether you want to promote your services or products, or take the opportunity to just engage with your community, social media makes all of this a breeze! Creating a strategy based on the 5 W's can really help your business understand how your content should impact your audience.

Video content

Videos are a fantastic way to really push out the visual aspect of your business. We as human beings, are becoming quite used to absorbing and retaining information visually more so than your traditional book or newspaper. Whether you are trying to demonstrate how your product works, or what your services entail - simply make a video! A great way to really optimise your content marketing strategy is by pushing out what you can on other channels. An  example of this could be promoting your video on Facebook!

The benefits of Content Marketing

To summarise, there are in fact several outstanding benefits of taking the plunge into Content Marketing. A few of which include an increase in visibility and ROI. Both of which are incredibly impactful in the retrospective picture!


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