Important Notice On Google's Penguin Update

Google plans to make the Penguin update happen continuously, with hopes to release an auto-updating version in the upcoming months.

What Can Webmasters Expect From the new Google Penguin?

Penguin is one of the longest-running Google updates, consisting of a long algorithm which doesn't run in real-time. At the moment, updates to the Penguin algorithm first happen offline before they are set live. However, Google is working on making Penguin update itself in real-time but we can't expect to see this happening within the next few months due to the amount of work and programming required to the algorithm.

We can expect the following:

  • A significant spike in search results update-ready websites.
  • Spam-labeled sites will most likely be penalised (backlinks to these sites could also be affected).
  • Increased focus on low-quality content.
  • Strict content guidelines ensuring visibility and easy user experience.
  • Google's search bot full crawl compliance on coding (HTML, CSS and Java Script files using the robots.txt file).

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