Is Your Halloween E-Commerce SEO Ready ?

Halloween E-Commerce is a growing industry which needs just as much SEO as other e-commerce categories. The seasonality of fancy dress e-retail makes it urgent for e-commerce managers to prepare for the booming season that is approaching fast. October being only a few months away, it's time for webmasters to get their Halloween stores ready.

Halloween E-Commerce To Do List

  • Get an agency to audit your fancy dress store
  • Add SEO to all new products
  • Add specific product descriptions from manufacturers
  • Add all categories
  • Keep out-of-stock product pages
  • Add all related products
  • Build visibility for the coming season on social media
  • Make sure your URLs are search friendly
  • Prepare your Halloween marketing content


Polaris is an organic SEO agency based in London specialised in E-Commerce. If you need any assistance with your online store, contact Polaris on 0203 475 6799.

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