London Technology Week


London Technology week will take place from the 20th -26th. This is a week of events held across the city in celebration of London being the world’s leading technology hub.


London Technology week was officially started in 2014, last year London & Partners (the official promotional company) saw 43,000 attendees from all over the world. The weeklong initiative will be great for networking, learning and developing within the tech sector.


This year a record number of 261 events are taking place mostly between Monday and Thursday.


Examples of key events of interest are:


Scale-ups & Corporates: Collaboration for Global Growth.

This explores how tech Scale-ups and corporates can access the global B2B market through collaboration.


Code Slinger 2016

A conference focussing on how to boost your career within the software sector and future trends. This conference is all about code- expect practical advice and lively debates.


Ford: Changing the way the world moves

Ford will bring together many of the key players who are already working on future mobility solutions and showcasing their latest Smart Mobility initiatives. This consists of a panel discussion and a networking session.


2016 Most Influential Women in UK Tech

This event recognises the 50 most influential female technology leaders in the country and features 10 speakers and a Q&A panel.

More information and full event listings are available at

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