Meet POLARIS' new Business Coordinator - Emily North

Hello, my name is Emily. I have joined POLARIS as a Business Coordinator and am currently in my first week of working here.

I am so excited to start working alongside the team!

Prior to POLARIS, I worked for a Taxi Advertising company in London for six and a half years. Having finished my A-Levels, I began working as an Administrator here, before progressing to Senior Executive, specialising in PR and Events. Over the six years working within a fast-paced environment across various sectors, I have learnt and grew a great deal, both within work and personally. My experience here, has enabled me to bring my knowledge and skill sets to POLARIS and contribute to expanding the company throughout 2023 and beyond.

About Me

I was born and raised in Bexley, Kent and currently have no plans to ever leave the area, it will always be my home!

I have a gorgeous dog called Bella (biased I know, but she is), who is unfortunately rather overweight at present… she is the only dog I know who hates walking!

Outside of work, when I am not spoiling the dog and adding to her weight issue, I try to maintain a consistent gym routine. I grew up the unathletic sibling out of my sister and I, so it is still a shock to them as well as myself that I now choose to exercise – coordination has never been one of my strengths! Over the last two years I have also started taking boxing classes, which I have absolutely fallen in love with. The discipline you learn through boxing has helped me immensely both in my training and everyday life.

When I am not training, you will find me either planning my next holiday or five, or out socialising with friends and family.

I love finding new and exciting restaurants both locally and further afield. I like to believe that the exercise during the week balances out any calories from the excess food and wine!

In such a short space of time working at POLARIS, the team has given me such a warm welcome and I am so excited to start this new journey with them all and see what the future holds!

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