Meet POLARIS' new Content Manager - Simon Cromie

Hi there! I’m Simon and I’ve just started as Content Manager at POLARIS. My job is to oversee all things content-related, including content campaigns for clients, on-page optimisation, and POLARIS’ in-house content production schedule.

Before joining POLARIS, I previously worked as a content specialist in another agency environment, where I developed my writing skills and also gained a firm understanding of SEO best practices.

Prior to that, I studied Sports Journalism at University of the Arts London. I used to dream of being a sports writer travelling the world attending the biggest events and matches before I somehow wound up in the wonderful world of digital marketing!

Outside of work, I’m a big sports fan, with a special love for snooker. Although I can’t play the game to save my life, I find watching it so relaxing. I’m also a keen reader, and I’ll usually have some obscure second-hand novel in my bag at any given moment!

I was born and raised in Donegal in the north west of Ireland, and I love getting back to visit my family there and take in the fresh air.

One ‘interesting’ fact about me is that I collect decks of playing cards, which is a strange hobby that I accidentally fell into a couple of years ago!

I can’t wait to get stuck into my role here at POLARIS, and I’m looking forward to growing here both professionally and personally as I learn more every day through working with the team.

I’m a content writer because I love words, and I find it endlessly fascinating how words have the power to evoke every possible emotion. My aim here at POLARIS is to understand how we can use words to guide our clients towards reaching their goals.

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