Monthly Insights Report: What To Expect in March 2021

As the government confirms the roadmap to easing lockdown, we have seen both business and
consumer demand once again change in the last few weeks.

Within our own business, we have seen a sharp increase in new enquiries through the later half of
february for marketing services, across many different sectors, including technology, ecommerce,
martech, home & garden, and B2B.

As we head into March, we consider what lies ahead from a search perspective as this demand
continues to change, and consider some of the learnings from last month regardings a users more
definitive need to have trust and piece of mind when engaging with businesses online.

This month, we have a special feature on mobile performance, ahead of a series of updates later this
year which impact mobile search and will further an advertisers goals in gaining traffic, customers and sales.

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Polaris is an award-winning B2B SEO agency in London specialising B2B, PPC, e-commerce and the healthcare industry.

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