Optimising Google Shopping Product Feeds


  1. Setting up the data feed

The first step of creating a successful shopping campaign is ensuring that the data feed from your ecommerce website, to your ‘Google Merchant Center’ is organised correctly. You want to make sure that the correct Item ID is being fed into the merchant center, for example the model code for a particular laptop you are selling. You also need to ensure that a sufficient ‘Title’ is fed into the data feed, this is important as it will be used to match your items to terms which users are searching on Google. There are also fields for Brand, Price, Condition, and different Category levels of the products you sell. Ensure these fields are all correct for all the items you sell. Make use of the ‘Custom Label’ fields, as this allows you to organise your products even further.


  1. Product Organisation

The second stage is organising your products into Ad groups, just as you would for normal Google Ads. The best practise for this usually is to organise your products in the same way they are organised in your e-commerce website. An example would be breaking your products down to the brand, what the product is, then into more specific information about the products. Using a computer e-commerce site as an example, it could be organised by the Brand HP, then the product such as a Laptop, then more specific information about the type of laptop such a Gaming laptop. However, this can vary from business to business, so ensure that your products are well organised into Ad Groups according to your business. The benefit to this is so that you can see precise data on how the shopping campaigns are performing, from product type to product type. This will allow you to bid according to the results, and also bid higher on products which earn you the most profit.


  1. Setting the max CPC bid

Google Shopping Product FeedsDeciding on how high you should set the bids for your different products, will vary depending on how much your products are, how much profit you gain, and the competitors you are against for the space on the shopping campaigns. It would be best to set the bid to a safe amount that you are willing to spend, and monitor the results. It is also worth checking to see if your bid is high enough to display on the shopping campaign box within the normal search page of Google, and not just the ‘Shopping’ tab on Google. As having your items there, would increase your chances of sales. Ensure you are checking your shopping campaign often, so you can make amendments throughout.
Setting up and running a successful shopping Campaign on Google takes a lot of time and patience, but if managed correctly it can be the pinnacle of making your e-commerce website successful. Here at Polaris we have the experience and knowledge of managing successful PPC campaigns, for more information visit our pay per click management page.

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