Questioning Google SEO Search

Millions of different types of search queries are made into Google's search engine on a daily basis and as a digital marketer, it's pretty important to ensure you stay on top of these searches to analyse the current trends.

A research project recently performed by Blue Nile Research took a further look into uncovering different question formats in Google search queries. They found an impressive 27% of searches phrased in their search queries ended up as a question including phrases like 'why', 'how','what' and 'where'.

Which question format was most popular?

The format of 'how' had 38% with 'why' has 24% and 'what' was 11%. The study also looked at how long the search phrases were and broke them down by what they called 'fragment queries' which were two or three word queries against fuller queries which were classified as queries four words or longer.

The Blue Nile research also found an even 50/50 split between searches like 'stiff neck' and 'causes of stiff neck after running'. As humans, we are all very different and individual and so are our search queries.

Problems for Marketers

As these search queries are becoming increasing popular, this means online marketers are now adding question style search queries to their online strategies. The problem is, keyword research tools such as Google's keyword planner doesn't offer long tail keywords.

Google's keyword planner tool offers fantastic research terms but only for short terms. Despite typing in, 'my microwave isn't working' the only search terms offered are different types of microwaves.

Research Long Tail Keyword Phrases

Google has an autocomplete function which as you begin typing, provides you with related search queries other people have also searched for.

This is useful as part of your research as you are able to see what is trending in Google searches and use this to an advantage when undergoing research. The autocomplete are generated through an algorithm based on a number of factors involving how often other web users have searched for a word.

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