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As a PPC & SEO agency, we’re always keen to keep up to speed with the latest news in the digital marketing industry. Google recently announced that Parallel tracking is going to be the default for AdWords campaigns from 30th of October. At present, this is available by opting-in but is not the default setting.



How Parallel Tracking Works


Parallel tracking helps your landing pages load more quickly whilst click measurement happens in the background after an ad was clicked. Users see the landing pages load faster, resulting in a better user experience. It used to synchronously load tracking, redirects, and the landing page, causing it to feel slower for the user.


If you are using a third-party click measurement provider, you should talk to them about this to ensure your tracking templates are compatible with parallel tracking. If there is an incompatibility, the click measurement or landing pages might stop working when the setting is switched on.


It will be required for all AdWords accounts to have parallel tracking on from 30th of October this year. So, make sure your tracking templates are compatible!


How to enable Parallel Tracking


Parallel Tracking is only available in the new AdWords (Google Ads) – You can find out more in our article about the new Google Ads! To check if your tracking templates have it enabled:


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Account Settings
  3. Click Tracking
  4. Enable Parallel tracking.


You can also reach the “Account Setting” page by pressing “G” -> “T”, type “Account setting”, and hit enter! If you didn’t know about these great new keyboard shortcuts, then you are missing a useful feature of the new Google Ads!


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