The Top 5 Benefits Of Paid Social Marketing


In today’s world, paid social is becomingly increasingly popular with businesses looking to maximise results for their PPC campaigns. Paid social provides a number of benefits over traditional PPC platforms such as Adwords, including: detailed audience targeting, cost effectiveness and versatility. This article will cover the top 5 benefits of paid social marketing.


1: Detailed Audience Targeting


For any PPC campaign, targeting the correct audience is crucial to attain relevant clicks and conversions. While Google Adwords includes some custom audience settings, paid social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn offer far greater options. For example, in LinkedIn sponsored content ads, custom audiences can be built to target factors such as the size of the business, seniority, turnover and more. This allows for very niche target audience settings to be integrated into the ad. This is especially useful for lead generation, as a company in the B2B sector can target senior decision makers.


2: Cost Effectiveness


Paid social campaigns allow for strong ROI for any kind of PPC campaign. With the right PPC agency managing an account, pay per click ads across Facebook, Likedin and Instagram can provide a large number of click and impressions for a small budget. Costs are dependent on the type of campaign being run. For example, a brand awareness campaign would be focused around Cost Per 1000 impressions (CPM), while a sales campaign would be focused on Cost Per Click (CPC). There are a number of budget management tools that allow for quick adjustments across all paid social campaigns, making sticking to strict marketing budgets very easy.


3: Versatility


All paid social platforms come equipped with their own ad types and uses. This makes them very versatile compared to sticking with just one PPC platform. Facebook ads allow for strong paid campaigns with image ads, video ads and mobile focused canvas ads. LinkedIn on the other hand is perfect for lead generation with lead generation forms and targeted audience settings. Instagram is great for brand awareness, and is one the most engaging platforms to use. Multi-platform integration is a great way of implementing the strengths of all paid social ads, when managed by a results focused PPC agency.


4: User Feedback And Engagement


Unlike Google Adwords, paid social provides an opportunity to receive user feedback and engagement with consumers. Not only can a target audience click on an ad, but they can also engage with it through writing comments, liking and sharing the ad like an organic social media post. This costs nothing extra, and is one of the best reasons to use paid social ads. A business can develop a strong brand relationship with their consumers, engaging in positive customer relations and PR. This also allows for insight into the effectiveness of the ad itself. If people don’t like the ad, they will not hold back. This means that adjustments can be made to improve the ad in the future.


5: Go Viral


Paid social ads have the unique opportunity of going viral. This typically happens across other social media platforms such as Twitter, where someone shares an interesting or funny ad, which then gains massive attention from other users. This can be leveraged into a content marketing campaign, utilising PR, outreach and organic posting to make the most out of the viral ad. Some strategies even involve creating a viral ad, which can be time consuming and risky, but can pay off if posted at the right time. Although this is not the main focus of paid social ads, this offers something unique over traditional PPC platforms.


Overall, paid social ads have many unique features that make them ideal for highly successful PPC campaigns. To request a paid social strategy or PPC audit, click here


About POLARIS: POLARIS is a ROI focused PPC agency in London, covering Google Adwords, Paid Social and Bing ads for multiple business sectors.

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