What do I do with my Infographic?

So you have created an infographics but now what do you do with it?

Here are some tips and step by step actions to help you promote your infographic and gain links back to your website successfully.

1 – Add the infographics to your own blog

Create an embed code to allow visitors to use the infographics on their own websites using the html code.

2 – Submit to a number of infographics websites

Submit your infographics to a number of infographic websites for a quick win to get people to see your work. Remember write a short bit of copy with your focus keywords to help your rankings.

3- Social Share

Promote your infographics to Facebook and Twitter followers for a quick sharing tool.

4 – Industry bloggers

Contact some industry relevant key bloggers to blog about your infographic and include it on their posts with a link back to your website. Their regular readers may share it on.

5 – Write a press release

Consider writing a press release and submitting it. Press releases can benefit ethical SEO if done correctly, it needs to be news worthy and not an promotion of your company.

6 – Send to all existing contacts

Explain the meaning behind the infographics, what inspired you and what you want them to do with it.

7 – Create a competition

Create a social competition – everyone that re-tweets or share the infographics can become part of a competition which will incentivise them to share and promote on your behalf.

If all else fails consider using a local SEO agency in London or Kent. A local SEO consultant will be able to get to know your business and provide link building services and advice to help gain good quality links to your website and boost your organic search engine rankings.

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