what types of content are appropriate within a B2B SEO strategy?

All SEO agencies and marketing managers alike understand the importance of content, but with the vast amounts of content being produced, how can B2B marketers ensure their content is successful across all metrics?

The first major consideration is of course the nature of the content. Considering challenges, or exposing benefits of your product are typically good places to start when considering what your content should be about. From here, a marketer can then decipher which formats the content is best communicated.

Depending on who you are targeting and their online behavior there are a variety of formats to choose from.

For B2B marketers, content that is factually led is usually the preference, with whitepapers, and key figure interviews being of interest.

Many B2B companies including martech and fintech companies all have real case data, and scenarios which can be analysed and prepared for general release. Aiming industry insights at marketers within a specific industry or sector is a strong strategy as this approach will place highly relevant case based content in front of potential buyers experiencing the same business challenges. The first step is to analyse your existing client base and match this to your sales and marketing targets. Once matched, understand the challenges that are typical within an industry and expose it, along with how your B2B product achieved excellence in overcoming this challenge.

With this type of content, your B2B SEO agency can carry out an outreach campaign to help increase brand and product awareness, putting your offering firmly in front of target decision makers as a supplier for consideration.

This approach, identified by our B2B SEO team has proven to drive an increase in digital performance, and should prove to be a benefit to your B2B SEO strategy.

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