Value of Long Tail Keywords – Part 3

Last week we looked at examples of Long Tail keywords, using variations of the search term "raisins."

Within any ethical seo campaign, the initial stages focus on allowing Google to recognise the relationship between a website and particular keyword. By focusing on Long Tail variations (with less competition), we are allowing Google to understand the core nature of a website, whilst working towards rankings which will show an ROI quicker than Short Tail Keywords.

Because Long Tail Keywords include Short Tail keywords within them, naturally over time Google will start to recognise that because a raisin website has rankings for a variety of Long Tail keywords such as California Raisins Suppliers, it has a strong relevancy towards the short tail keyword; raisins (because all long tail variations have this word within them).

This is how short tail keyword rankings can be achieved for competitive terms, through the careful targeting of Long Tail Keywords in the early stages. Using this strategy a client is guaranteed an appropriately timed return on their Organic Spend, whilst we work through various Long Tail keywords. This is why Long Tail keywords really are the building blocks of a organic search marketing campaign.

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