Why you should use Digital PR in your B2B SEO strategy

The last decade has seen PR evolve massively. Whilst sending out masses of press releases and putting a dire focus on media relations was once the way forward, Digital PR industry has seen news spread faster than ever before. News can now reach an audience broader then what we saw before, to a targeted audience, subsequently allowing you to maximise news like never before.

So what is Digital PR? More importantly, how can it be integrated in your B2B SEO Strategy?

How do Digital PR and SEO work together?

Digital PR and SEO may seem like two completely different areas of marketing, although this really isn’t the case.

Content marketing, SEO and digital PR work together seamlessly, and when used in together, can be a fantastic way to increase traffic, brand awareness and rankings. Despite content marketing being around for quite some time now, its importance continues to grow with Google increasing value on high quality content.

Both marketing tactics also have extremely similar objectives, allowing business’ who are competing for online visibility, to be discovered.

A few ways Digital PR and SEO work together include:

Increase your Domain Authority (DA)

Digital PR is a fantastic way to increase your Domain Authority. A DA is scored on a 100-point scale that predicts how well a website will rank on Google’s search engines. The higher the DA, the more likely you are to earn a higher search engine ranking, which subsequently leads to more relevant, and better traffic.

Improve brand authority

Publishing content on high authority websites and gaining backlinks to your website is fundamental in boosting rankings for targeted keywords. Including links to your website, or product with appropriate anchor text (ideally – the keyword you are targeting) can boost your position in the SERPs. With an increased visibility through Google’s SERPs, your website will be able to drive high-quality traffic.

What is important to recognise, is that Google rewards those that obtain links in a natural way, in place of simply buying links (which has been previously disfavoured). Despite the continuous updates in algorithms, what remains clear is that publishing valuable, relevant, and high-quality content will always be favoured.

Build Brand Authority

Another aspect to take into consideration is the importance of references from a high DA. In the instance your website is referenced by a website with a high DA score, users will view you as a credible brand, and so will Google! This will play a great role when it comes to ranking, since authority is a key ranking factor in Google’s E-A-T.


With 2021 just around the corner, planning your B2B SEO strategy is crucial, and with Digital PR playing a vital role in improving your search engine rankings, it is most definitely a necessity for the new year. Not only is it a valuable part of truly creating a digital footprint within your respective industry but, is also considered one of the most effective methods in obtaining organic brand coverage.

Working together with an SEO agency, who provide Digital PR services can ensure the quality of both are delivered efficiently, ensuring your business gets the full coverage it needs.


Polaris is an award-winning B2B SEO agency in London specialising B2B, PPC, e-commerce and the healthcare industry.

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