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After a successful re-platforming and migration project delivered by POLARIS, the marketing team at codex wanted to embark on increasing sales from offices in Ireland that were in the market for office supplies and office furniture.

Introduction and Goal of the project

How to target office customers in a world where employees work on a hybrid or remote basis and intent for office furniture is both B2B and B2C.

After the pandemic, we very carefully assessed the intent behind office queries because we were acutely aware that we could end up targeting users that were looking for office furniture (and using the same queries as B2B buyers) but their intent was to furnish a home office instead of a business office.

Based on our B2B keyword research, we specifically selected categories where the intent could not be confused. Target categories that were chosen included reception desks, sit stand desks and boardroom furniture.

By targeting these specific keyword groups, our SEO campaign for the office supplies company was much more targeted and destined to drive a better ROI inline with the clients objectives.

SEO optimisation carried out by POLARIS

We reviewed the website architecture with target keywords and intent in mind. This review realized a series of opportunities where pages needed to be optimized, others added, and the general structure of each category area improved with a search first approach.

EAT audits

Implemented programmatic SEO principles into the B2B ecommerce website to optimize products at scale.

The SEO team conducted a competitive audit of top ranking competitors and based on the findings created a rule based internal linking cluster that was implemented across the site to drive links back to each pillar page. This resulted in a 26% increase in internal links pointing to our top 3 target category pages, and an increase from 25% to 100% indexing of sub category pages too (A big win for our technical team).

We created content templates to support the primary pillar pages which included buyer guides, and a quarterly fresh content strategy within which user intent data was included to ensure we targeted users at the awareness and consideration phases of the funnel.

Positioning the clients products with the right names and language from a customer first point of view.

Whilst working with the client on their product catalogue, our research highlighted that the clients office desks category contained a number of products that should be split out and named as sit-stand and standing desks to build search relevancy and increase exposure for these products in

By following our recommendations and implementing these enhancements within office supplies and furniture the client saw an increase in traffic over a 12-month period of approx. 130% and a revenue figure of over €5m.


320%Increase in Search Visibility YOY
80% YOYAs of May 2023, traffic is up 80% YOY
Position 3 rankingfor high volume seed term “office supplies”
"Codex are seeing the benefits of some hard work from the Polaris team on multiple fronts. This concerted effort from the team has resulted in good gains over the first half of the year."
Ricardo GiacovazziE-commerce manager at Codex

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