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Recruitment Video Platform SEO

We guided the video recruitment platform on how to increase their rankings internationally in Spain and the UK.

International SEO Goals

Easy Recrue is a video recruitment platform that offers partners the ability to utilize its platform to improve the recruitment process in time and quality.

The recruitment technology company approached POLARIS because it wanted to increase its presence across Europe, outside of France, where it already had a good foothold.

The business wanted to drive more exposure in both Spain and the UK, as these had been identified as key markets for growth for the business.

Considering their needs, POLARIS partnered with the business to position them as a european company that ranked well in a number of search engines in their target markets.


The majority of the video recruitment platforms content was in French, and had to be translated to have any impact outside of France.

In the first instance, we conducted an audit of the clients content to determine which existing content was relevant and had traffic potential in and and worthy of translating, before continuing ahead.

Alongside this challenge from a content perspective, there were also significant limitations to what could be done with the platform that the website was built upon.

Local directory websites were setup on a central .com domain which was the correct overall solution for an international SEO Strategy, however there were aspects of the internal code including the Href lang tags and language signals that were incorrect and required adjustment which were challenging to implement due to platform constraints.

Technical SEO Challenges

After considering what could be achieved to impact the SEO performance of the business across various target countries, POLARIS delivered into the client a prioritized roadmap of priorities to impact their rankings in both the UK and Spain.

Whilst localised sites were already setup, content translation was required, as was an on page SEO strategy to optimise each site for its local market.

Working with POLARIS, the client was able to increase their rankings in both and for end of funnel target terms which drove users directly into their solution pages on the website.

Initial works were focused on CMS based changes that didn’t require code changes, and so onpage SEO was a key focus, as was an internal linking strategy to utilize existing content published on each local market site and also to implement on an ongoing basis as new content was produced and published.


172% increase in rankings in

in for Spain

234% increase in rankings

in for the UK market

4x increase in leads from ROW

markets outside of france

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