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Helping the Medical and Healthcare Industry Keep Patients and Staff Safe with Kingsway Group USA.

Business Objective

Kingsway partnered with POLARIS to audit the performance of their online marketing and increase their exposure in the UK and US in order to drive more leads for their international initiative.

At the core of this was differentiating offering between UK and US, with a key focus on US growth.

After initial discussions with the client it was noted that different markets, laws and industries required us to utilise B2B SEO strategies that differed in each country. This included keyword strategy, target buyers and legislation around the healthcare industry.

As a result, the two SEO strategies would run in tandem in terms of technical SEO and be split for onsite and offsite targeting.

Along with this, there was a need to improve the ability to control lead generation within the business and better manage the sales funnel. For this, we put in place additional data capture options which allowed the client to follow up on leads and target specific buyers for the correct products moving forward.

154%Increase in Rankings
314%Increase in Traffic
245%Increase in Gated Downloads

Of online experiences begin with a search engine. We analyse users in your market and identify their conversion paths.

“POLARIS worked to identify where our leads were coming from and how to improve them. In the UK and US we achieved record numbers of leads every month and increased our conversion rate massively.

Julian Hall
Kingsway Group

What We Did

Using search data and trends we identified the most valuable products and markets in each country. Optimisation included local dialect optimisation, city and state level geo-targeting and competitor analysis per region.

By reverse engineering our competitors at a product and city level, we were able to target specific, targeted, buying traffic at each stage of the sales funnel.

To increase exposure of Kingsway Group in the US and in the UK we worked to identify the most valuable linking partners from an industry perspective – again at a city and product level. By utilising local area links we were able to achieve our SEO goals and improve the performance of the business dramatically.

From this we worked with Kingsway Group to utilise event and profile listings, including best placement of anchor texts and balancing link types.

Content was then expanded at a US level to ensure longtail terms and core points in the sales funnel, dependent on buyer, were covered. To do this, we split the market by number of beds in each state and prioritised optimisation based on value – allowing us again to increase growth quicker in more valuable areas.

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118 %avg increase in rankings
768 %avg increase in traffic
2400 %average RoI
“On average, our client partners see a 721% increase in their investment with POLARIS."
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