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Dating Website SEO

Driving traffic to - the holiday friends website


Losing organic credibility in several markets the client approached Polaris to assist with technical SEO and troubleshooting.

From offset it was clear that the client needed an international seo agency that had the experience to identify the causes and reverse the decline to bring back international success.

Understanding the objectives clearly from offset, we understood our primary goal was to identify possible technical issues within the international site structure that could have caused a decline in SEO authority and global rankings in multiple markets around the world.

Using our suite of SEO tools and expertise, our SEO managers planned a technical audit from code bases to backlink profile, aiming to deliver a clear set of SEO opportunities for the client to review and integrate accordingly.

The goal was to quickly identify the causes of the traffic decline and put together an SEO roadmap to reverse the traffic decline and bring traffic levels and rankings back to where they were.

What We Did

Analysing each local market site, the team analysed the onpage effectiveness and technical structure of the sites and possible causes of traffic decline.

Issues with url handling and canonicalisation were identified and fed back to the client, so that they could carry out technical integration to improve organic credibility once again.

Working across France, Germany, Italy & Spain, we analysed each market independently, understanding previous performance levels aswell as any algorithm updates that may have affected each region.

We also analysed competitors within each local market, to understand if this was a one off incident affecting just one website or a search reindexation that could have affected many websites within the sector.

By going through this process, we ensured that our recommendations were inline with local search engine requirements and competitive for the landscape.

Upon successful integration, the sites were recrawled by the search engines and a timeframe communicated to the client for changes to take affect.

At the same time, we carried out a backlink profile audit, and identified strategies to improve the authority of the website against competitors to further strength the profile online.

6XCountries optimised

Including France, Italy, Germany, Spain as a part of a wider international strategy

40%Increase in Traffic

Traffic declines were reversed and performance was regained

23%Increase in signups

User registrations returned back to normal within 6 months

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