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Driving ecommerce retail sales through SEO automation
Objective is an online retailer of over 10,000 ironmongery products for the trade and retail customer.

With such a vast product database and so many categories to promote, POLARIS initial objective was to identify the best categories to focus on, based on a calculation of average net profit per category * search volume / potential click share.

By carrying out this commercial audit, POLARIS was able to devise an SEO plan that focused around the mortice locks and latches categories and particular brands that were of high commercial value if SEO results were achieved.

The audit highlighted specific brands, product types and models that could be targetted to drive a clearly measurable increase in sales & profit for the business.

This approach designed the strategy for the business for the first 6 months of our partnership.

What We Did

With the information to hand, POLARIS set about optimising the product pages and category pages through a combination of SEO automation and content optimisation.

We worked with the development team to update the category pages to include a custom search query function, programmed to automatically pull popular searches into the pages to increase usability but also keyword density and crawl through rates to specific search query landing pages.

Alongside this, the product page template was rebuilt to be fully optimised, including basic SEO principles such as meta title tags, breadcrumbs etc, but also advanced techniques such as database optimised product titles containing category names, schema tagged product data, and images optimised not just for file size but also automatically renamed using search terms and product categories.

By working closely with the development team responsible for the website, we were able to customise the woocommerce website so that it output optimised pages for crawling and indexation.

Our work resulted in the general optimisation of the entire product database and also the further optimisation of the specific mortice locks categories too, where most gains were initially seen.


400+products ranked

on page 1 within the first 3 months

780%increase in traffic

through SEO initiatives executed onsite

2300%increase in sales

through the website within the first 3 months

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