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Our Digital PR Services

At POLARIS, we know that building a strong online presence is crucial. Working with you to utilise your communications, we will ideate and take to market a digital PR campaign that harnesses your values to connect with consumers where ever they are, online.

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Ideating, creating and outreaching digital PR campaigns that not only win awards, but connect your brand with target audiences.

Renowned for the simplicity and agility of our digital PR campaigns, we are a leading digital PR agency based in London. We offer our clients a campaign partnership that delivers measurable results in brand performance online, whether you're looking to target a new customer segment or strengthen an existing SEO campaign.

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Link building must be conducted with search engine compliance in mind.

We link build by leveraging your brand messaging, product and stories to gain natural links, over time. We work with leading brands and challengers to increase online visibility and brand awareness by gaining valuable links from various media sources, ranging from tier 1 media titles, to tier 3 social influencers and bloggers, driving targeted traffic back to your site. We offer a transparent, dedicated partnership programme to achieve your objectives while strengthening your digital profile.

Link Building Services

Content that fuels your SEO and wider marcomms strategy to achieve your communication objectives.

Our inhouse content and digital PR teams appreciate the importance of user targeting and an understanding of their informational needs. We craft content that focuses specifically on these areas so that our content engages the right people at the right time. We deliver short form, long form, and campaign-based content to drive engagement.

Content Marketing Services

Proactively outreaching your brand messaging to the media and influencers so you get the coverage your business needs.

Being proactive means that we can get ahead of the curve and gain features that are focused entirely on your brand. Whether you are ready with a strong offer or a brand story, or require our ideation support, we will partner with you to take a compelling story to market to get the attention of the editors that matter for your business.

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Responding to journalists covering your sector to get you media coverage when you need it.

Our digital PR team have an in house database of media journalists and contacts that are constantly being nurtured for our clients and campaigns. We work with the media to assist them with expert commentary on key topics they are covering, making their lives easier and getting you the coverage you need.

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Critical Success Factors for Digital PR in 2024

As a leading Digital PR agency based in London, our experts understand the best practice approach required to drive performance for a business. Whether your an Ecommerce business wanting to increase online sales or a B2B technology company looking to increase demand, the following considerations will be critical to our combined success in 2024.


In the ever evolving world of digital, having a digital PR campaign that also diversifies to cover social influencers and bloggers is key in ensuring a full 360 approach to digital PR promotion.

KPI Based

Whether its domain authority, number of features or social shares, being clear on which metrics you want to improve through digital PR will be critical to measuring the success of your campaign.

Brand Confidence

Ensuring your brand is trusted to deal with is paramount in a users decision making process when choosing to transact. Ensuring you tick these boxes and communicate them is critical to your success.

55%of Journalists

Report that 1 in 4 stories they publish originate from a pitch.

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Watch your analytics spike as traffic increases from digital PR.

We enjoy reporting on campaign performance, because its clear to see the impact our digital PR services have on a brands traffic at a given point.

Our digital PR managers report on a variety of metrics to ensure you are fully informed of the short and long term value you have gained, from referral traffic to domain authority increases.

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The journey so far for many brands is success. POLARIS have consistently gained PR coverage for brands that want to increase market reach and share. We call this the POLARIS effect. Read what our partners have to say about their Digital PR journey and why they partner with POLARIS.

2000+Competition Entries Generated

Hampers.com, the online gifting company, partnered with POLARIS to increase Brand Awareness around Valentines day.

35%Increase in Repeat Customer Accounts

Our Digital PR Team

Our Digital PR agency team are passionate and talented marketers that enjoy working within all things Public Relations.

Our team hold excellent relationships with Tier 1 media contacts, Tier 2 media sites with high SEO authority, and social influencers and bloggers, able to promote and share your product to your target audiences.

Building your authority online.

As a leading SEO agency we have a 4 step approach to building and implementing our digital PR campaigns. Our campaign managers have access to our internal contact database of over 30,000 media contacts and use industry leading tools such as Hero & Gorkana.

Using our agency TOM (targeted outbound marketing plan) process, we run a 12 week campaign cycle, from content gathering and sense checking to hit list building and outreach.

We deliver weekly analytics and post campaign analytics reports to show the real value driven through our campaigns, whether in SEO authority, leads, or sales.

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190kjournalist contacts
25%average increase in DA
2400%average RoI
"Connecting brands and journalists gives me a great sense of achievement because I know someone, somewhere will benefit from the campaigning I have done."
Tiffany TrowDigital PR Manager

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The number of online shoppers in 2023.

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for Marketers in 2024. A dedicated resource to guide all levels of marketer to Digital PR success.

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Latest Digital PR Insights

    Stay informed with the latest updates from our digital PR team across the globe. Learn about strategy, trends and consumer demand and how you can utilise digital PR to effectively position your brand for success.

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    Digital PR FAQs

    • Whats the difference between Digital PR and Link building?

      Digital PR refers to a set of activities that aim to outreach a brands message to increase awareness amongst a target audience through a variety of means, across websites, social platforms and influencers. Link building is different in that it refers to outreaching for a very specific objective of achieving a back link from a website.

    • Can a digital PR campaign drive links?

      Yes, a digital PR campaign can drive links, however a digital PR campaign drives much more than this. We report on social coverage, influencer coverage, and brand citations as well as link coverage gained. This is a more rounded approach to increasing the visibility of your brand online as is preferred by search engines.