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POLARIS are a leading consumer insights agency, understanding consumer behaviour and classification. Working with the latest tools and technologies we have access to over 200 data points that we use to profile customers and consumers for ecommerce and retail clients.

Why Segment Your Consumers?

Knowing your consumers interests, drivers, and social position allows you and your team to position your brand more effectively for market penetration. Whether you are entering a new market or looking to increase share within an existing market, we will guide you.

Our customer profiling and segmentation services start with analysing your own data, and then marrying it with third party databases to build a complete and accurate portrait of who your consumers are.

75%of consumers

are more likely to buy from a business that recognises them by name, recommends options based on past purchases, or knows their purchase history.


Ideal Customer Profiles

Analysing your customer data with our third party data sources, we will pen portraits of your customers, aligned to the products and services you want to take to market.

We consider your competitive position, and how competitors are targeting the same customers so that you are fully informed on how to beat the competition.

Meet Our Service Experts

Our team of experienced marketers excel in customer profiling, with a thorough understanding of consumer behaviour, market trends and analytics.


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Customer Insights and
Segmentation Services

At POLARIS, we offer a comprehensive suite of services dedicated to providing customer insights and segmentation. Our range of services include detailed market research, behaviour analysis and effective segmentation techniques.

  • Customer Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Competitive Online Analysis
  • Consumer Insights Strategy Playbook

Analysing and understanding your customers requires more than just your own data.

Working with you to understand what data you have available, we will partner with you to analyse your ecommerce and business data to start profiling your consumers by complimenting your data by filling the gaps. We will analyse customer analytics data, store and location data, and CRM data where available, and gap fill across a variety of data points to create a complete picture of who your customers are.

Defining customer segments allows advertisers to better target product and services for increased market penetration.

Based on your products and services, we will devise a customer segmentation strategy that identifies the specific consumers you should be targeting and why, for every area of your strategy. By positioning your brand to connect directly with specific segments, engagement rates will increase as will brand loyalty.

Understanding your competitors’ online performance to guide you on what opportunity you have to increase performance.

We will research how your competitors are targeting consumers digitally, and present to you the successes that competitors have had, and how we can leverage these learnings as a part of your strategy.

We will evaluate your competitors go-to market strategies, including their channels, campaigns, strengths and weaknesses, and present to you a sector overview that will inform your marketing strategy ahead.

Delivering best practice strategy based on data and landscape research so that you are positioned for growth.

We will deliver a consumer insights strategy playbook into your business, downloading our findings, and outcomes so that you can clearly understand who your consumers are, what their specific characteristics are across age, interests, location, buying habits, and more, and how this relates back to your brand online.

Consumer Profiling for Ecommerce Retailer

“This campaign was truly collaborative, with POLARIS providing insights and direction which help us to connect our brand with new audiences, through our values.”
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Frequently asked questions

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  • What is an Ideal Customer Profile?

    An ideal customer profile is a breakdown of the characteristics of a customer that are useful for sales and marketing activities. Characteristics such as age, location, income, marital status, app penetration, brand affinity, and gender can all be mapped to create a profile of a customer that is the ideal person to buy from your brands products and services.

  • As an ecommerce company, how can we benefit from these consumer insights?

    Ecommerce companies and retailers have large amounts of data which are often segregated and disjointed. Independent consumer insights consulting firms such as POLARIS can work with you to marry data from different sources to build intelligence that’s actually useable within the business. These insights are consumer led, and typically allow an ecommerce business to improve their market penetration and profitability.