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Educating and nurturing prospects that aren’t aware, yet

Demand generation marketing focuses on implementing a long-term strategy to connect with potential customers over time. The goal is to make people aware of your brand and products, while highlighting how your business can overcome challenges.

At POLARIS, we have over 15 years’ experience in generating demand for B2B clients that want to connect with customers through a variety of marketing strategies and campaigns that educate and nurture over time.

Demand generation strategies that focus on a customer's natural behaviour

Some marketers focus on funnels. We focus on ideal customer profiles and use cases. Working with you to understand what intelligence you have about your ICPs, we will build on your data by profiling your ideal customers ourselves using behaviour analysis and search demand data.

By enhancing our joint understanding of your target customer, we can then evaluate your digital strategy to ensure it aligns naturally with the behaviour of the customer, increasing engagement levels at every stage of the journey over time.

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3xaverage increase

Marketers that partner with POLARIS see a 3x increase in onsite engagement


Measuring demand generation investment in pipeline value

Developing a pipeline takes a strategy that encompasses a number of channels and campaigns to initiate awareness and then drive engagement with your offering.

Our leading team of marketers create demand generation campaigns that are measurable through a series of analytics that can be summarised to determine exactly what return has been achieved through your investment. Whether at a campaign, channel, or partnership level, we can report on value not only in digital metrics but also pipeline value too.

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As a leading demand generation agency our team comprises of expert marketers and campaign managers that increase exposure for B2B leaders and challengers alike.


of content consumption is obtained from organic search.

Demand Generation Agency Services

A demand generation agency that specialises in helping business connect with potential customers by creating effective strategies. Our strategies focus on raising awareness, attracting buyers, and finding solutions to business challenges.

  • B2B Marketing Strategy
  • B2B SEO Strategy
  • B2B Content Marketing
  • B2B Campaigns

Devising effective B2B marketing strategies that are based on your objectives for growth.

Our account directors, have experience in working with tech and SaaS businesses that are looking for a definitive marketing strategy that utilises resource in the most efficient way possible.

Our B2B marketing strategies are designed to align everyone to a single goal, breaking down objectives into manageable, and measurable deliverables that can be measured over time. We keep you on track to achieve your objectives by setting the pace and monitoring performance as we progress together.

Strategy Services

Our team of SEO managers and experts are able to reverse engineer your competitor’s performance to inform a B2B SEO strategy.

Our B2B SEO strategies are designed to propel your brand for the right exposure, based on the informational needs of your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs).

Focusing on Use Cases and real business challenges, we highlight the benefits your brand and solutions offer, as well as how it’s performed in the real world, so that prospects can get as close as possible to what success looks like with your business as a partner.

B2B SEO Agency

At the core of any B2B digital strategy is the pivotal role of content as the driving force.

To build a successful communications strategy, it is crucial to have an expert understanding of your brand, market position, and target customers’ needs in order to connect your brand successfully with the prospect through content.

At POLARIS, we pride ourselves on producing clear and concise content that is simple yet, high in value. Our dedicated focus involves tailoring our strategy to meet the specific needs of your prospects at every step of their digital journey.

B2B Content Marketing Services

Ideating and launching campaigns across Linkedin and other platforms to engage and nurture prospects with branded communications.

We have experience in launching campaigns to increase awareness of branded content that educates target prospects on subjects related to your offering.

Whether its a lead gen campaign or a remarketing campaign, our team will partner with you to create content that engages and funnels users through your journey online.

B2B Content Marketing Strategy for Reachdesk

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Frequently asked questions

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  • What’s the difference between lead generation and demand generation?

    Lead generation refers to generating leads as a direct result of a marketing campaign, typically focusing on a small number of channels. Demand generation refers to the long-term focus on many marketing channels all working together to educate and nurture prospects that have a need for your product.

  • What is account based marketing?

    Account based marketing is a tactic used by B2B companies to target a high value prospect or sector with specific communications tailored to each decision makers individual remit and situational challenge.