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Marketing Analytics and Data Solutions

At POLARIS, we understand the importance of having data at your fingertips that can be used to inform the next step of your journey. Whether its implementing a google analytics solution through Google Tag Manager or tying together multiple analytics solutions to build a business data dashboard, we can assist.

Our data analysts will partner with you to determine the gaps in your current reporting and devise a technical analytics solution that gives you the marketing insights you need.

Actionable Insights from Analytics

The purpose of an analytics solution is to provide you with data that you can understand to make effective decisions that improve the online experience for online users.

As a leading analytics agency, we consider what your experiences are of analysing data, how your analytics solution will be used for insights going forward, and what your marketing objectives are that analytics can inform over time. Using this approach, our analytics solutions provide data led insights that fit your needs efficiently, as you need them too.

Marketing Data & Analytics Services

As a leading digital agency, we offer a comprehensive suite of data and analytics services for marketers. Our range of services include business case analysis, analytics solution design, and analytics setup.

  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Analytics 360
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Looker Studio

Google Analytics 4 is now the defacto standard analytics solution for many businesses worldwide.

Providing you with insight into how users are arriving at your site and how they are experiencing journeys through the site is all available to interrogate with the right setup.

The data potential in GA4 is vast, and the customisation of the platforms reporting capability requires trained experts in the platform. Our data analysts have experience in creating custom reporting views, conversion tracking, event tracking and ecommerce tracking solutions using the Google Analytics 4 platform.

Designed for enterprise level brands with significant transaction volumes, Google Analytics 360 has advanced customisation capability.

Google Analytics 360 will allow the platform to integrate with other business critical systems including ERP and CRM systems. We have experience in auditing existing Google Analytics 360 integrations as well as implementing solutions from the ground up for large scale sites that require a connected data solution across multiple platforms.

Adobe Analytics or Adobe Experience cloud offers brands predictive analytics that can deliver actionable insights through a variety of reporting solutions within the platform.

POLARIS clients use the platform to get a single source of truth on user behaviour on site and make informed decisions on how to enhance customer experiences for a greater ROI from marketing.

Google Tag Manager is a versatile tool that allows marketers to make tracking changes onsite without having to edit code within the websites pages.

This dynamic tracking solution is integrated to allow marketers to have control over the implementation of third party tools and apps such as call tracking, social media, CRM and user experience software. Our experts can assist with the implementation of Google Tag Manager and also establishment of various tagging solutions through the platform, as well as provide training on how to manage the solution on an ongoing basis.

Looker studio is a data visualisation tool from Google to allow data from sources such as Google Analytics to be visualised for easy interpretation and autonomous updating.

At POLARIS, we have experience in building a variety of Looker studio reporting solutions for ecommerce brands and B2B companies that require a reporting solution for internal use. We have experience in connecting a variety of data sources to Looker Studio including Google Analytics, Campaign Manager 360, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn and TikTok.

Track Channel and Campaign Performance

As a marketer you will be investing in various forms of marketing that all culminate to drive traffic to your website. An analytics solution will be used by you and your marketing partners to determine the success of your investments across various channels and campaigns.

Having the ability to track channel investments, and campaign performance is a key aspect of managing a marketing function and your analytics solution needs to support you in this responsibility.

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Our team of data analytics experts have experience in delivering solutions for a variety of businesses globally that require a definitive analytics agency solution.

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Frequently asked questions

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  • What analytics platforms do you have experience with?

    We have experience in auditing and implementing Google Analytics 4, Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Experience Cloud (Adobe Analytics), Looker Studio, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

  • As a data and analytics agency what services do you provide?

    We carry out analytics audits and implementation projects for Ecommerce clients and B2B clients globally.

  • Are digital analytics and marketing analytics the same thing?

    Digital analytics and marketing analytics are terms that are used interchangeably, and can typically provide a marketer with data about how users interact with a brands digital assets, such as a website, app or social media profile.