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Ecommerce Data Analytics

Analytics solutions provide marketers with the ability to make better decisions to drive digital impact within an ecommerce business. As a leading ecommerce analytics agency, we know that real time, and accurate market and consumer insights are key data sets you need to perform in your role.

Using the field of data science through data collation within multiple tools, analysing the customer journey from acquisition, retention, conversion, and advocacy at a channel level to make informed data-led decisions to enhance the website growth.

Actionable Insights from Ecommerce Analytics

The purpose of an ecommerce analytics solution is to provide you with data that you can understand to make effective decisions that improve the online experience for online users.

As a leading ecommerce analytics consultants, we consider what your experiences are of analysing data, how your analytics solution will be used for insights going forward, and what your marketing objectives are that ecommerce analytics can inform over time. Using this approach, our ecommerce analytics solutions provide data led insights that fit your needs efficiently and effectively from the very beginning.

56%Growth expected in ecommerce

With a 56% increase expected in ecommerce sales by 2026, your ecommerce business needs an analytics solution to give you insights to compete more effectively online.


Track Channel and Campaign Performance

As a marketer you will be investing in various forms of marketing that all culminate to drive traffic to your website. An analytics solution will be used by you and your marketing partners to determine the success of your investments across various channels and campaigns. Having the ability to track channel investments, and campaign performance is a key aspect of managing a marketing function and your ecommerce analytics solution needs to support you in this responsibility.

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of online websites use a Google tracking technology for data insights

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Ecommerce Analytics Features

Knowing what data points to measure and having confidence in reporting can be challenging without an expert analytics consultant.

As a leading digital agency, our data analysts collaborate with you to help make sense of the data and drive growth for your ecommerce business.

  • Channel Performance and Attribution
  • Category Performance
  • Returning vs New Customers
  • Product Performance
  • Buyer Behaviour
  • Enhanced Shopping Data

Mastering channel performance and attribution is paramount for success.

Ensuring effective performance analysis for your marketing team involves providing them with insights into what channels are performing the best, understanding at what times of year (seasonality) and offering a concise awareness of the customer journey at every touchpoint throughout the buyer’s journey.

It is crucial to be aware of your websites core Level 1 landing pages.

These are the pages that significantly drive the most traffic and conversions to your website, with a key focus on aspects such as page engagement, conversion value and basket value. Utilising external datasets becomes essential to understand the full potential of these pages through search.

A clear indicator in determining brand salience and loyalty requires you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the extended channel perspective.

This requires establishing a ratio of how this data relates to new customer acquisition across wider marketing activities. This information is essential for sustainable business growth, particularly through retention around customer product life stages and lifetime value.

A self-explanatory metric to gain an understanding on the sales level performance from quantity purchased per product, average price per item, and the overall order value.

Looking at the entrance page to start the customer journey with additional data on product suitability based on page engagement, can be analysed with trend data and aligned with positive movements made within marketing campaigns. This data can influence next seasons decisions for the buying team.

Gaining insights into buyer behaviour is key to understand the interactions upon arriving at the website through various marketing activities.

Identifying the pages they enter and examining the duration of their stay on these pages, whether they leave on first view provides valuable data insights. Looking into the cart journey also reveals essential details, giving us a clearer picture within the buying funnel. These are all key areas that present opportunities for optimisation throughout the customer journey.

Improved shopping data offers a clearer view of both internal and external marketing campaigns, including homepage banners voucher usage and product lists.

This expanded data also covers cross-selling, recommender usage, and user generated content events which can enhance the overall customer journey and potentially increasing the revenue potential through uplifted cart value.

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    At POLARIS, we are committed to enriching people’s lives through knowledge. Delivering ecommerce analytics and data solutions enables us to fulfil our purpose as a leader in digital. Read about some of our partners successes.

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    • What analytics platforms do you have experience with?

      We have experience in working with you to get the data feeds out of your ecommerce platform internal analytics suite with the most common platforms Shopify, Magento, Salesforce and Umbraco.

    • As an ecommerce analytics agency what services do you provide?

      The POLARIS data consultants cover expertise working with web analytics platforms Google Analytics (GA4/G360), Heap, Matomo, IBM, Webtrends, Tealium, Adobe suite so we can work with you to develop the best reporting solution for your ecommerce business.