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Google Analytics 4 offers a different user experience and interface to what many within marketing have used their entire career with its predecessor, Universal Analytics. The GA4 tool replaces the current iteration of GA and moves the tracking solution to a server side application platform based on “events not sessions”.

GA4 has been primarily designed to be more privacy focused within search compliance (with the growing pressure around user data and GDPR) and to ultimately be more future-proof for marketers to be able to gain insight from over time.

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POLARIS’ team of data analysts are fully GA certified with over 15 years experience in building tracking solutions. Having worked with the leading analytics platform since 2009, our data analysts have guided multiple brands on how to successfully migrate to the new GA4 platform, as well as how to get the best tracking infrastructure for reporting and insights to gain the competitive edge needed in business.


Remark that they still require further training on the new GA4 platform to feel confident day to day.

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Track Channel and Campaign Performance

As a marketer you will be investing in various forms of marketing that all culminate to drive traffic to your website. An analytics solution will be used by you and your marketing partners to determine the success of your investments across various channels and campaigns. Having the ability to track channel investments, and campaign performance is a key aspect of managing a marketing function and your ecommerce analytics solution needs to support you in this responsibility.

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Our team of google analytics experts have experience in delivering solutions for a variety of businesses globally that require a definitive google analytics agency solution.


of online websites use a Google tracking technology for data insights

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Google Analytics Features

Even if data is being gathered and tracking is correct, knowing what to measure to improve can be challenging.

As a leading digital agency, our expert team collaborate with you to help make sense of the data and drive growth for your ecommerce business.

  • Channel Segmentation
  • Custom Reports
  • Explore Reports
  • Event Creation
  • Custom Definition
  • Debugging Issues

Utilise the capabilities of Channel Segmentation within the platform by leveraging its filter setup.

This feature allows you to segment the customer lifecycle within the default reports based on audience, traffic, engagement, events, and conversion. These can be refined further to analyse core landing pages or transaction events for more in-depth insights.

Within many of the dashboards you are able to tailor them to your preference by adjusting the metric columns to show the data most valuable to you.

Many clients find the customisation useful, using the edit function (pencil icon) to change the GA4 columns into UA dashboard fields. Once modified, these reports can be saved for future viewing.

One of the most useful areas within GA4 is the exploration reporting area.

However, without a key understanding of how these reports are built, it might be unfamiliar to many marketers. Despite this, these advanced reports are essential for a more in-depth analysis of your customer’s behaviour through various data visualisations.

With GA4, creating custom event tracking is more straightforward.

This can be done with the platform’s admin area, offering increased flexibility and control compared to the previous version. However, for more precise and advanced tracking, it is recommended to use Google Tag Manager (GTM) and customisation of the datalayer.

In GA4, there is an advanced but valuable feature for marketers, where you can connect a triggered event to a custom dimension or metric.

These dimensions are usually defined around a parameter input into the platform, that offers a unique ID to track which can give further granularity around reporting. However, it is an advanced level action, and it is currently only accessible with API/Big Query exports with the custom exploration reporting.

Analysing conversion, page view tracking and other events were a blind spot within Universal Analytics.

Events would sometimes tigger and work in on tool but not appear in GA. Within GA4, this issue has been addressed by allowing the use of tools like GTM and browser debugging extensions to check if your events are tracking properly. The debug function in GA4, provided more detailed information, allowing you to investigate and address problems more effectively.

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    At POLARIS, we are committed to enriching people’s lives through knowledge. Delivering google analytics and data solutions enables us to fulfil our purpose as a leader in digital. Read about some of our partners successes.

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    The global all bound engagement platform, approached POLARIS to guide them forward with a GA4 tracking solution and training for multiple heads within the business.

    67%Increase in Content Engagement metrics
    87%of participants noticed a boost in their content creation efficiency post training.
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    Frequently asked questions

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    • Are POLARIS consultants GA certified?

      Yes, our consultants are GA certified and have been working with the platform since it’s early days.

    • How experienced is POLARIS with GA4?

      We have successfully worked with numerous clients assisting in migrating their Universal Analytics (UA) data and providing training/consultation on optimising the new Google Analytics 4 reporting platform.

    • What are key reporting activities you conduct using Google Analytics 4?

      Our team utilises its experience to build custom exploration dashboards, develop in-house lifecycle reporting, set up granular event/conversion tracking and ensure all data is fed into the GA4 API for insightful data visualisations.

    • Does POLARIS provide training for GA4?

      Yes, we offer customised Google Analytics training programs to ensure individuals can comprehend GA4 at a level suited to their roles.