Having a brand that is trusted by your customers, is a key component to the success of the company. Whilst this may be the case, it’s important to understand the process that works behind the scenes, enabling your company to build it’s authority within the respected field. For example, you may never have purchased the Nintendo Switch console, but you know that Nintendo are renowned globally for gaming. This example perfectly executes the importance on working on your brand awareness, tying in with both trust and authority seamlessly.

Whilst brand awareness is a common buzzword thrown around, what needs to be understood is that there are so many factors that should be taken into account. Branding, marketing efforts, and advertising tie together, to focus on really pushing your company’s visual identity out there – consistently. This process will eventually lead to potential customers recognising your brand, and what you stand for.

The following points will help pave the way for you to effectively build your brand awareness:

Consistently using Social Platforms

Social Media marketing is an ideal way to increase brand awareness. With over 4.57 billion users around the world, social media is most certainly the relevant place to start. Since these people all reside within one area typically, the scope of visibility is undoubtedly endless.

Social media has continued to be a leading marketing method to interact and engage with your audience and potential customers. Finding the relevant platforms suited to you can really help streamline the overall process, not forgetting integrating your business objectives within your social media strategy.

With the ability to engage with one another, social media is an ideal place for your business to engage with customers at each and every stage of their journey with you. Whether they are potential leads, or people you are trying to get back.

Sharing content is also a key way to building your brand awareness. Using the online space to really push out content such as blogs, videos or promotional offers can be valuable to your audience. Since your following is likely to be people interested in what you have to say, the likelihood of that content being engaged with is high. Another thing to remember is that sharing content that is valuable to your following, can mean it is more likely to be shared – meaning a further reach!


You may find your business is lost within sea of competitors, all providing the same information. This can result in the information losing some of its power due to all of those companies trying to win over the same prospects. Something quite astounding to note is that majority of users nowadays, do not seek beyond the first page of search results. With this in mind you can begin to imagine how powerful SEO truly is in increasing visibility.

Working closely with an SEO Agency, can really tie your marketing efforts together. The first step will be to create an effective SEO strategy. Once developed, you can start to really pin point what work needs to be carried out, in order for your business to rank in 1st position for your respective keywords!

Research keywords that your business align with – This is the starting point as it will present you with an image as to what users are searching for when seeking services like yours. When trying to integrate SEO to boost your brand awareness, it is worth focusing on using these keywords across your content – this is how your services / products will start to rank on the SERP.

Another way to boost your brand awareness through SEO, is by working with an SEO agency to develop build specific content around your keywords. Now, this may seem relatively easy, although it’s important to remember that this process takes time and dedication. Content specifically created to focus on your keywords can boost your visibility on the SERP and provide value to your existing audience.

These points are just a few of the ways SEO can impact your brand awareness – and play a small role in the grand scheme of things, but when done correctly and paired with other methods of SEO, including off-site – can lead to some extremely valuable results.

Collaborate with similar brands

You may feel at the best of times – that your journey in boosting your brand awareness is an uphill battle. It’s likely that many other businesses alike, feel the same way whilst trying to aim for the same goal.

Working together with similar brands does more than just exemplify both businesses reach. Collaborations do also, build trust amongst both businesses audiences, which in some instances most likely overlap! A great example as to how collaborations work together in boosting brand awareness is if a person likes brand A, and they’ve noticed that they have collaborated with brand B, they’re quite likely to be interested in brand B also.

When collaborating with similar brands, it’s highly likely that your audiences merge together, and overlap where possible. Although this may not seem to great, it does extend the overall reach of your business, and opening room for new leads.


Polaris is an award-winning B2B SEO agency in London specialising B2B, PPC, e-commerce and the healthcare industry.

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