COVID-19 has created an impact on everyone and everything, starting from our lives and lifestyles to economies and businesses around the world. The uncertainty of the situation has resulted in many businesses being forced to rethink their marketing strategies. This may mean pausing paid campaigns due to a reduced demand or looking for alternate ways to promote your business.

For businesses looking for a more appropriate way to promote their services without a hefty cost, Digital PR and Link building can be a viable solution.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is an invaluable way in which businesses can gain relevant exposure during these challenging times along with earning your website valuable links. Links gained from authoritative sites (based on Domain Authority scoring) such as newspapers are an important factor in determining the SEO performance on your website.

This is due to backlinks being considered a key area Google considers when judging the quality of your website. Having high-quality websites that point back to yours can increase your chances of ranking highly for your target keywords (most especially when target keywords are used within the anchor text linking back to your website), subsequently driving more organic traffic.

Provide Blog Content with Valuable Insights

Many of us understand the importance of blog content, most especially in an increasingly digital age where consumers resort to online content to find valuable insights. Moreover, blogging to optimise SEO performance with target keywords can work wonders.

Search engines work to rank websites in which offer original and unique content when crawling content and will therefore, become even more important when considering the success of a business. After all, the higher you rank for your target keywords, the higher the drive in both organic traffic and visibility.

When looking to link build, consider working with writers or industry professionals to collaborate and provide new and valuable insights for your blog content. Incorporating stats, most especially graphs and charts can present your content as even more valuable and eye-catching.

Research Into Trending Topics

With digital content consumption on the rise, the demand in new and engaging content has seen an increase throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This provides an ideal opportunity for businesses to conduct research into the most trending topics. Using tools such as Google Trends, you will be able to gauge data surrounding exactly what topics and industries have high demand. Using this insight and producing engaging and thought-provoking, entertaining or even informative content can increase your likelihood of successfully placing content on related authoritative websites.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is known as being one of the oldest link building tactics in the book. Guest blogging works by simply writing an article for another website within your niche and link to yourself from that article.

Finding good and reputable guest post prospects can be done by using the same method as everyone else, which is to find websites that are actively appealing for guest bloggers.

But, be sure to avoid only seeking websites that are actively advertising that they accept guest posts. Instead, search for relevant websites and pitch your content anyway! Most websites are often open to accepting guests posts, even if they aren’t explicitly stating it.

Broken Links

Broken link building is simple and involves only 3 stages:

  • Find a Relevant Broken Link On A Website

Starting off with research, using tools such as Majestic to source broken links can enable you to find a variety of websites that are linking to a broken or dead resource. This data can be used to build a hitlist of some sorts, used to then outreach to.

  • Create something similar to the broken resource

Once you have find your collection of broken or dead resources, you can start to generate content that targets the resource. This will help you have develop content that is indirectly being sought after.

  • Ask anyone that is linking to the broken resource to link to your working resource instead

As a final step, you can begin contacting anyone that is linking to the broken resource and in place, pitch your resource that is working correctly. This will not only earn you a link back to your website, but also enable a relationship to be built between both yourself and the website in question!


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