google shopping Optimising BaseWhether you run an E-Commerce website or not; marketing your products on Google Base is a sure-fire way to increase traffic to your site as your products can appear in the shopping results at the top of Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).
To help you get started; we have put together our top 5 tips to bear in mind when setting up your Google Base campaign:


  1. Increase the relevancy of your product title. Relevancy is determined by the quality and accuracy of data feeds in relation to the search term. When setting up your feeds, it is mostly common sense but there are a few simple points to bear in mind, for example, the title should describe the product fully. If you are selling a size 10 red knitted jumper, then don’t just title the product as “red jumper”; the more detailed the description; the more relevant your product will be to the search term. Remember, however, that the title is limited to 70 characters so don’t just stuff it with keywords; you will have the chance to add more detail in the product description.

  3. Increase the relevancy of your product description. Your product description should be clear and to the point. Make sure to include the attributes and benefits of the product rather than trying to push sales. This is not the place to add special offers or promotional messages; it is purely to increase the relevancy of your product in relation to the search term, so try to think about what a potential customer will search for when including information here.

  5. Make sure the link goes to your correct landing page. This sounds simple but directing traffic through to a home page rather than the product page is likely to increase your bounce rate instead of your conversion rate! Potential customers want to be able to purchase items quickly and simply so they will not want to have to navigate through your site to find their desired product again once they’ve already found it in the shopping results.

  7. Add in custom attributes. Google will provide you with pre-set attributes to fill out such as, colour, make, size, etc but you can also add in your own custom attributes. This will obviously take more work but it all counts towards your relevancy. Google suggest that online shoppers search for products by their attributes so the more attributes you provide to Google, the more chance your product will come up in the shopping results.

  9. Increase your seller rating. Relevancy is not the only factor that will determine whether your product gets shown in the shopping results. Seller ranking is also important and can count against you if you have a very low score. It is important to note here that quality is better than quantity; a seller who has ten 5* ratings will rank higher in Google’s eyes than a seller who has twenty 1* rankings.

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