Mobile click-to-call has made it easier for consumers to connect with businesses over the phone and everything seems to indicate that this tendency will keep on growing in the coming years

Even though calls have become a major source of conversions for many organizations, it can be challenging to measure a consumer journey that starts online from a search ad and ends with an offline conversation. In order to satisfy the need of marketers and business owners to have more relevant information about these calls Google will soon allow advertisers to import call conversions.

What’s New About Imported Call Conversions

So far, advertisers have been able to measure the success of their click-to-call ads and website phone clicks by call length. Advertisers set the call length minimum before a conversion is counted based on the time a typical successful inbound call lasts.

Imported call conversions allows advertisers to go a step further and measure the true conversion value of paid calls from mobile click-to-call ads or their website. It will also be possible to distinguish between different types of customer actions that are meaningful to the advertiser and the company. With insights gathered from imported call conversions, it is easier to automatically optimize keyword bids to drive move valuable calls. It will be easier to distinguish between sales calls and support calls and learn the value each of them brings to your business and it will provide insightful information to know when support calls open the door to up-sell or cross-sell.

What Does It Bring to the Table?

Importing call conversions allows advertisers to understand the relationship between their AdWords account and the calls they’re tracking in another system. Once they know which keywords and ads are leading to the most valuable calls, it is then easier to adjust their account to try to get more of these calls.

The more updated information you add to the system, the more relevant information you’ll get.

What Types of Calls Can You Track?

There are two different ways in which you can track imported call conversions from your AdWords account.

Calls directly from your ads. It allows you to track when someone calls the number in your call extension or call-only ad. In order to use this, you’ll need at least one call extension or call-only ad using Google forwarding numbers as long as these calls come from a mobile phone.

Calls directly from your website. It allows you to track calls that occur when someone clicks on your ad and then goes to your website and calls from a number there. In order to make these calls traceable you’ll need to install a conversion tracking tag on your website as well as a second code snippet to show a Google forwarding number instead of a regular phone number.

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