It is no longer good enough to work on set landing pages on a website. SEO specialists should be looking at automation across target websites, with enhancements and additional digital PR used for specific target areas.


Automation of schema tagging is essential for any website online. This uniform code, the power behind rich snippets and information sent to search engines, needs to be found on every page for real benefit.

To achieve this the code itself should be built into a theme from a custom level. This allows for full control of property types and variables in the code.

It is also possible to build certain elements of JSON through Google Tag Manager, meaning am SEO agency can manage this on an ongoing basis with any other additional code.

In some cases this approach is preferable as it allows for ease of use, however tag settings and user settings and mean the code won’t always fire. For crawlers this can create an inconsistency. The correct variables, agency and build will allow this code to fire every time.

Internal links

The use of internal links from outside of the menu are important for natural crawling.

Optimising at a base level to automate downloads, CTAs and keyword text canaid a user and crawler on their respective journies around a website.

This means any large scale structural changes to the site can be tackled with ease.

Meta Data

An SEO agency will always be vocal in the need of one of SEOs most basic elements to be keyword optimised, well written and engaging. Carrying this out across 14,000 products be a challenge.

The use of automated or default meta data is not a new phenomenon, but approaching in the right way, with lead generation and SEO in mind is now much easier.

Building a keyword matrix and volume lists allows SEO specialists to identify search trends more likely to lead to sales. Paired with Google Trend data this allows for tweaking of titles to catch at an optimum level.

Also, for e-commerce in particular, product categories should be added to meta data. This should also follow in the URL structure.

Following these core areas of automated SEO will allow you to hone in on your core target areas easier, leading to increased results on site.

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