Bing Ads have launched a data visualisation tool allowing campaign managers to gather market data on ad searches within their vertical.

The platform provides data on the number of searches, how many searchers reach a campaign manager’s ads, the share of the market this constitutes and the average time each searcher spends online across Bing and Yahoo platforms.

Hosted at, the data highlights trends and insights which could make a huge difference to campaign managers looking for a gap within the market and most notably the amount of searches not reached by Google.

For example, the data put together by pairing various comScore studies from December 2014, highlights that there are 20 million travel searches not reached by Google and that Bing accounted for 35% of travel clicks across the paid advertising industry – suggesting a huge third of a paid budget could boost results on Bing.

Further than this, it is possible to find the demographics within each vertical – such as average age, marital status and average household income of users within Bing.

For travel SEO specialists this provides an additional element of market data which can be used against user and behaviour analysis to create a greater understanding of target audiences and personas.

Studies suggest Bing drives far less organic traffic than Google, but higher engagement – with an average time on site of 169 seconds, compared to 145 seconds from Google.

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