who sent me chocolates seoChocolate Campaign: whosentmechocolates
What would you do if someone stole your car? How about a new company concept or business idea? Now how about an online marketing idea?
Let’s put it into perspective… You’d be extremely annoyed if your car was stolen but as long as you have the correct cover then your insurance will cover the cost of replacing your car, you may even get a better car!
If you have an amazing concept for a new company or business idea, you can patent the concept and get exclusive rights so that others cannot legally copy the idea and pass it off as their own. This gives you the right to prevent others from making, using, selling, or distributing the patented invention or business concept, without your permission.
Now if you have an amazing online marketing idea to reach out to new potential clients or even to just get your company known in the industry, what can you do to protect the idea? The answer? Absolutely nothing!
The idea started by sending a box of cupcakes to companies with a label asking them to type into Google the question, ‘Who Sent Me Cupcakes.’
Sending the Marketing Manager of other companies a box of cupcakes created a buzz of excitement in the recipient s office almost guaranteeing that the term ‘Who Sent Me Cupcakes’ would be typed into Google to find out just who sent them their sweet surprise.
Once typed into Google, our company used SEO services to ensure that the page they wanted the Marketing Managers to view was ranked as number one on Google search and was also tailored with the recipient’s name to ensure that they clicked on the correct link.
The link takes the recipients through to a custom made page on our website explaining what services the company have to offer.
Tracking the response, the campaign was a huge success and our company broadened the idea to sweets and chocolates.
Other Online Marketing Companies caught on to the idea and started to buying domains and writing blog posts to knock our company off of the top spot on Google search and jeopardise the marketing campaign originally started by our company.
Due to no available legal protection for the url / ip address, we have been forced to act against the competing companies and re-launch the Marketing Campaign with a quick turnaround to introduce the services to new companies once again and to let everyone know that we were the brains behind the original ‘Who sent me….’ concept.
#whosentmechocolates was born and so far the response has been amazing…

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