Global E-tailers have a number of ways in which international SEO campaigns can be managed. Typically from an agency perspective, an E-tailer with a true international offering across all continents and countries (E.G Amazon) would have territory teams dedicated to each local markets needs. However if you are an E-tailer with several markets, an agency managed approach would work well.

To ensure your international SEO strategy delivers, marketing managers should think about the following areas:

1) Brand / Product Message per Territory

Depending on whether you drop ship or have a local operation, you have to ensure your message carries appropriate delivery and support guidelines for consumers. The worst thing for E-tailers is launching products in a new territory and consumers having a bad first experience, so ensure you know your logistics and get it communicated correctly within campaigns.

2) It’s Not Always About Google

Depending on the territory, you may need to consider campaigns across local search engines that have more market share. For example, Yandex in Russia, which has 60% domination in Russia with Google only having 28%. Other search engines represent the remaining 12% .

3) Ensure Copy is Localised Through Native Language Copy Writers

Localising copy using Google Translate is fine, but a completely integrated approach localisation using native speaking copy writers is key for increasing consumer confidence and motivating buyers.

4) Hreflang

Many websites are presented to users from around the world with content translated or targeted in a certain region. If you have multiple language versions of a website, each language needs to have its own hreflang tag to reflect upon the chosen set language. This helps deliver the right content to the correct location and user. Avoid the common mistake of mistyping, which causes the tag to become invalid.

5) Scheme Tagging

Schema tags provides a collection of information which is picked up by search engines which will use this data to help present extra information in their SERPS. Each webpage has information which users understand as they are read. However, search engines have a very limited understanding on what is displayed on these webpages. As part of an international SEO strategy, it is important to place your postal address schema tags around your company address including contact information. This helps grab the attention of search engines by providing them with a much better understanding.

6) Phase Your Launch

If possible, have a phased roll out across territories to ensure each territory is given the dedication and focus it requires to launch effectively through E-commerce SEO and PPC. Internally, your marketing will include local ad campaigns and more, however your agency can utilise the time frame to really understand the market for long term growth.

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