It’s true that content marketers and SEO have some overlap, and if both jobs are done well you have a technically sound and perfectly delivered campaign on your hands. However, where does this overlap stop and who should be responsible for on site content?


On site content will undoubtedly contribute to your organic search ranking. Using keywords throughout your web pages, semantic keywords, optimised heading tags and keyword density is an art mastered by SEO professionals. Beyond this SEO work will focus on technical elements within a website, indexing, crawling and improvement of user experience, with content writing in blogs taking place within a separate team.

Content writers

Content writers will need to understand on-page SEO to know what a search engine is looking for, and this will be paired with creative writing to ensure informative and valuable content which also brings an SEO benefit.

Whilst content writers need to keep to your brand rules and write in an informative and interesting way, they also need to listen to the SEO manager and include certain keywords to ensure your website is optimised.

SEO agencies

An SEO agency will have specific teams who each work across different areas, such as analysis, outreach and PR, brand link building, technical SEO and onsite content Simply, this allows specialism in each area of service.

If the agency does not have a content team, trusting them with the entirety of your online content is not the smartest idea, as although they know the right words and phrases to include, they may not be able to deliver the tone matched to your business.

If you are using two separate people to manage SEO and content, on a freelance basis or in house, it would be recommended that they are in touch and working together on on-site content.

In short, if you are not using an agency that openly offers content in their services it is important you entrust a genuine content writer to have full reign over on-site content. This content writer must have a connection with the world of SEO and understand that they need to optimise the content and may even work closely with your designated SEO manager.




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