The aim of most commercial websites is undoubtedly to generate business, which raises the question that if a site hosts all the necessary elements for a straight-forward conversion path, then why is content worth bothering with? Creating quality content can be time consuming and can’t always be directly traced for leading to business goals, but we maintain that it’s worth dedicating some time and effort to. Here’s why:


Content is Informative

Of course, the content of your site can give your audience a lot of information about what you do: we’ll get to that soon. First of all, though, search engines such as Google crawl your site for clues as to what your website is about, and depending on what they find, will rank it in search engine results pages accordingly. Therefore, to make sure you’re ranking for relevant searches, give the robots some content to go by.


Targeting Terms

Following the same logic, to ensure you’re visible to consumers searching for your products or services, you need to make sure you appear in SERPs for keywords related to these. For example, if your business is a beauty salon in Westminster, you’ll want to appear in search results for “beauty salon Westminster”. Publishing creative content related to your product, service, local area or industry is an ideal way to incorporate these terms, allowing search engines to recognise you for them.


Quality AND Quantity

Whilst the quality of the material on your website is paramount to user experience, creating content of the ideal length is often overlooked. We’re not saying that you should drivel on endlessly, but search engines will often consider a webpage more valuable if it offers substantial content, so make sure you’ve got something to say!


Audience Engagement

This flows naturally into the idea of engaging your audience and establishing a brand identity. Hopefully, you love your brand and have plenty to say about it. Offering content which communicates why your organisation is so wonderful will hopefully keep users on your site longer and visiting more pages than they would if the content was dull or inexistent. As well as this leading to conversions, search engines will consider factors such as time spent on site and number of pages visited when ranking search engine results.


Caring Means Sharing

Excuse the cheesy line. It is true that once you’ve achieved the above and captured user interest with your content, they are likely to share it on social media platforms, as well as on any websites they may own or contribute to. This will help build your backlink profile, which should win you more users directly, in addition to the benefits it will have on your search engine rankings.


The principles are fairly simple, but the logistics can be a little more complex. Working with an SEO agency will help to ensure that your content meets all the requirements to drive more traffic to your website and lead to increased business goals.

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